Magical Vejer.


Saturday, 25th of July, was a very special evening in Vejer de la Frontera. A town, known in all of Spain for it’s beauty, became even more magical this evening. The town hall turned off the street light in the ancient part of the town, lit thousands of candles and arranged a classical concert in the main square; Plaza de España. Days before the event, everybody was talking about it. Excited! Families with houses in the old part bought their own candles to add to the magic and restaurant owners had dollar signs in their eyes. And it was, as last year, a huge succes. More than 50.000 people came and enjoyed the evening. The car queues up to Vejer were up to 8 kilometers long(!), – some say even longer!!

Since the evening many photos, taken by various people, have been shown on Facebook, instagram, etc. My favourites are by a photographer from the neighbouring town, Barbate; Juan Daza.11742666_880753791960301_1758632995133755105_nnyvelsagadeespana11705245_880753921960288_5786196949748219747_n11742634_880753881960292_1941723903558310869_n




Summer is here!


The sun behind Trafalgar light house.

I have not been active on my blog lately because we are so fortunate to be very busy in the restaurante. We are so pleased and enjoy welcoming regulars and new guests every day. You can see some of my summer Photos on instagram: miblotublog.


My favourite olive oil…

olie 1

Spain is the world largest producer of olive oil and Andalucia produces 80% of  the Spanish total productionOlive oil is used in abundance here, – it is included in almost all dishes. Even at breakfast; the typical Andalusia breakfast is toasted white bread dripped with olive oil and tomate puree, served with a fresh orange juice and coffee(app. 4,00€). During the years we have tried many different olive oils, believe me; A LOT! But my favorite is still a virgin olive oil from Alicante. I tried it first time about five-six years and from that day we have bought many boxes to the restaurant. It is addictive and we use it in great amount.

We buy it directly from the relatively young olive farm Masia el Altet in Alicante. It consists of 60% Picual and 20% Arbequina olives. The remaining 20% is made up of three local varieties: Genovesa, Blanqueta and Alfafarenca. The result is a very fruity olive oil with lots of banana, apple, freshly cut grass, tomato, artichoke and herbs. In a very short space of time this olive oil has won a string of international awards – and with good reason.

If you can get hold on the olive oil Masia el Altet, you won’t be disappointed.